Verdenstap ArtistsBook

Artist's Book by Vibeke O'Rourke

Poetry by Steinar Opstad


Edition: 7 (& 1 AP)

Size: 320 x 290 mm

Published: Crow Press, March/April 2021

Technique: Woodblock, Letterpress (Lead type)

Hand binding & Gold tooling by

Vibeke Luther O'Rourke


Letterpress & woodblock printed on

Somerset Book 175g, Arches Creme, 

as well as a selection of handmade papers


All books are hand bound with exposed sewing and  finished with hand tooling with gold leaf.

Book Binding & Case making:

CrowPress Verksted/Vibeke Luther O'Rourke, Bekkestua


320 x 290 mm

In Collection: 

Bought by the National Museum of Norway,  Artist Book Collection for the Museum's Library (Bibiloteksamlingen) 2021

“Verdenstap” (trans. "Loss of World")

as an Artist´s Book explores traditional woodcut techniques and typesetting printed and handbound into a Book.

The woodcuts are cut into organic plant or landscape shapes combined with abstract architectural planes. The book is hand printed in pale and synthetic colour range often found in an idealised consumer culture. Thin paper this acts like an almost see-through film in combination with the botanical elements on traditional printmaking paper. 

The composition has links to Illuminated texts from the past, being influenced by artists such as William Blake, executed with colour gradation methods. 

With this book I try to engage and engineer new compositions and layout by re-assembling the poem within the images, merging the two worlds of images and text.   


I find a lot of inspiration in Steinar Opstad´s poems. I came across his poetry three years ago and we have had many inspiring conversations around craft and working with my hands, methods of editing text, thinking and writing about craft.

Verdenstap is, for me, is a poem with an apocalyptic tone which I find extremely relevant to current climate related issues. The poem dares to question religion, can believing do anything to save the planet? The title “Verdenstap” or "Loss of World" hints at a sense of estrangement between us and our own planet and nature. 

Through this book and its method of printing, its craft and making, I hope to inspire experiencing the poem, the shift and current relationship between nature and ourselves.

Verdenstap 2021
VL ORourke_Verdenstap_Fra Kunstnerbok_Po